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Yeah, the new zombie hording is insane. Though, if you create a cactus fence around you, it's fun to watch them pushing each other into it. Caving has become a real hazard though, even at easy or normal levels. I almost wish they'd scaled the mob buffs (zombies and skeletons) to game difficulty.

Still, the horses, hay, carpets and colored clay have made things very interesting in terms of building up existing bases.
Yeah, I'[m looking forward to taming and breeding my first horses. I captured one briefly, but then was promptly killed by a Creeper out on the middle of nowhere, got lost, and had to restart the game.

So at this point, I'm going to pack up all my useful supplies and head cross country to find a new Village. At which point I'm going to recreate The Walking Dead, build about a hundred fenceposts and turn the place into a fortress.

Until then, I'm going to sleep as soon as the sun sets.
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