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Re: First Contact Dress Uniform used in a wedding

JJohnson wrote: View Post
Personally - traditional tuxedo and bowtie (which are cool, btw). I might have something Trek hidden on the tux or in the church, definitely on the groom's cake. But the wedding for me would be as traditional as possible. I just thought this guy had an incredibly well made dress uniform.
Pavonis wrote: View Post
Why be embarrassed? If it's not something you would do, fine, but why feel anything when someone else does this? I'd never do it myself, but I don't care if someone else does it.
This and this.

I'm not sure what kind of Trek things I'd put in my wedding. Probably something a little more than just a hidden thing here or there but really not anything too huge... I wouldn't really want anything too over the top in the first place because I'd already be uncomfortable being the center of attention.
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