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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

I'm avoiding that spoiler for now, maybe in a few weeks I'll revisit it though.

9x16-Off the Grid: SG-1 gets some intel on a strange new crop that is causing planets to go crazy for it. It looks like corn. They pose as buyers for a planetary alliance, or Mitchell wings it that they are, as he tries to hustle a planet with ties to the Lucian Alliance. Things go badly, their ruse discovered and while attempting escape the Gate is beamed off the planet. Landry in an attempt to be proactive after multiple unsuccessful attempts to dial the gate sends the new Odyssey ship on a rescue mission. While Odyssey is en-route Landry doubles up his efforts and consults Nerus, imprisoned at Area 51. Nerus tells Landry that he suspects Ba'al is stealing the Gates as a method to rebuild his lost empire.
The Lucian Alliance is about to execute SG-1 when the Odyssey arrives and timely beams them out.
Landry allows Nerus to leave for aiding them and plants a tracker on him, he heads for Ba'al after jumping through 5 Gates to avoid detection.
The Odyssey detects the beacon and heads to Ba'al's ship hoping to reclaim the stolen Gates. The Lucian Alliance has been monitoring activities and shows up as well demanding the Gates. SG-1 tags them and has begun beaming them over to the Odyssey. Unable to beam SG-1 over due to shields Carter rigs the last gate to beam them back to Earth as Ba'al's ship explodes. Note: Ba'al aint dead, you know, clones.

9x17-The Scourge: Voracious Carniverous Bugs created by the Priors/Ori are being studied at the Gamma Base. Things get out of hand of course, the bugs escape, the GB is destroyed while a PR envoy with Woolsey is in tow. The best thing in the episode is Teal'C planning to watch Old School for his next movie and by shows end Mitchell telling him to watch Starship Troopers instead. Pretty weak episode really.

9x18-Arthur's Mantle: Dr.Carter has been continually working on a device recovered from the Sword in the Stone caves. She thinks after several months she's on the verge of a breakthrough as Mitchell show's up suggesting breakfast. The computer verifies a suggestion of hers, she triggers the device, a blinding flash of light, then nothing. We actual find out they've been shifted to a parallel dimension(not universe).
Also, this episode the Sodan are under attack by one of their own, affected by the Ori. Teal'c and a team head out to assist there. Once at the Sodan village they are cut off from SGC.
Dr.Lee, working with Daniel Jackson is trying to figure out what Carter was doing when the mishap occurred. Dr. Lee stumbles upon a type of radiation(forget the name) that reminds Jackson of a time he under went something like this. Dr. Lee activates it, sure of himself, and all he does is displace Daniel(closest to the device). Daniel now sees Carter and Lee can't see him.
Meanwhile Mitchell has headed off through the Gate to keep taps on Teal'C and the crazed Sodan warrior. I forget how but Teal'C when cloaked can see Mitchell. As can the crazed Sodan and he tells Teal'C to let him lead the Sodan into a trap, as he can't be hurt.
Daniel, now able to read the Ancient text begins to figure out how to reverse things. He does so and Mitchell whose face-to-face with the crazed Sodan is suddenly not in the advantageous position he once was. Decent episode.

9x19-Crusade: Vala returns...sort of. She is now able to inhabit Dr.Jackson's body due to their connection via those Ancient Stones. She's been living in the Ori Galaxy the past few months and taken up with a local...and gotten married. Also, she's pregnant and really doesn't know how. The village she's been living has an anti-Ori Underground of which she falls in with. She brings info to the SGC of a giant fleet the Ori are building with which they wish to invade our galaxy. With this new information the SGC begins scanning for SuperGate activity. Carter asks Landry for permission to search the planet revealed in the Merlin device, Landry agrees. Also, Vala has lost contact, she is no longer inhabiting Daniel's body. Pretty good episode, very solid.

9x20-Camelot: Merlins fabled city of Camelot has been found! Within the city is a force field protected residence that Merlin used. The city contains a Sword in the Stone just as they encountered before when Mitchell fought the knight.
Jackson and Mitchell are on the planet trying to solve Merlin's device when the Black Knight is activated.
Meanwhile with the help of the Asgard a SuperGate has been located. With the intel from Vala they know an Ori flee is inbound. Teal'C allows himself to be captured by the Lucian Alliance in order to convince them to aid in the coming battle.
Back at Camelot Mitchell is not having much luck vs the Knight this time. A late teen girl he's befriended pulls the sword out of their stone, much to the shock of the few who see it happen. Question: Why wasn't the sword keyed only to her like it was when Mitchell did it the other time? She's able to pass the sword to Mitchell when before Mitchell was the only one who could hold the sword. Mitchell defeats the Black Knight.
Out at the SuperGate a battle with Asgard, Earth vessels, and Lucian Alliance ships begin to battle the Ori's fleet. These scenes reminded me alot of the S6/7 scenes during STS9. The combined fleet is getting it handed to them and numbers of ships are destroyed including it seems several of our ships...the camera focus' in and we see Vala at one of the viewports of an Ori ship.....Cliffhanger!!!

Season 9 complete and what a conclusion!!!

Season 10 forthcoming, 20 episodes to go, I'm rounding the final turn in this series!!
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