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Re: Homecoming & The Farther Shore

I didn't love the books to be honest, I just was well sick of The Borg by that point and the books dealt with them in a very "voyager manner" it wasn't until the excellent Destiny Trilogy that I bought the Borg as a legit threat again.

But as for how accurate?

I certainly don't think Voyager would have been as small a point as it was, in times of war a feel good story like that is what people need, I imagine they WOULD have done a parade etc, given it more attention.

Maquis staying in starfleet, well there is a saying that people in prison become "institutionalized" I.E they don't know what to do on release. I could see this being the same for the Maquis, they were just so used to things at that point it would make sense to stay, in the 7 years they were gone so much would have changed at home that life aboard a starfleet ship would be more like home to them I imagine.
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