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Re: Roddenberry's Worst Ideas

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Whenever Picard, Sisko or other human characters are asked about what they believed in, they always gave a vague, awkward answer.
Picard was actually very articulate on the subject in Where Silence Has Lease. When Nagilum in the guise of Data asked Picard about his personal belief concerning death, Picard stated that he did think that the self survived the demise of the flesh.

Picard believes our existence is beyond scientific understanding.
I thought his answer was somewhat limited and vague, as the most he could come up he felt there may be something more compared to what other people believed--that this is all there is.

It kind of fit in with the materialist and scientific view that many humans and Starfleet officers tend to have had.

When Sisko was asked if he had any gods or higher beliefs, he said, "....there are..things I believe in ..." as if caught in an awkward question.

There seemed to be a lot of reluctance to embrace any higher concepts or religion among humans in Trek.

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They needed something to believe in.
The Federation was neat enough for that purpose.
This is something I have a problem with. It's kind of like the planet with one people, one climate, one culture, one mode of dress. All of the the Federation, and all of Humanity, are not going to have the exact same position on faith, spirituality and organized religion. Some will be pro, some neutral, and some negative.[/QUOTE]

There is a certain logic to that though... if people are well fed, healthy, secure, no social problems, no needs or wants, they may not need to rely on religion answers as much anymore--at least that may be what Trek is saying.
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