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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

It's a typical white fantasy of somebody from a "more civilised" country going to intervene with a bunch of brown people's long established customs to make them more politically correct and supposedly lift them up.
On one hand - it is a fantasy and trying to implement it ends in disaster in 99.9% of the cases. On the other hand - I kinda can understand her decision to free every slave she sees because she was sold to some barbarian horse lord for a promise of an army, so it's personal. But she has advisers who, AFAIR, told her to get the hell out of that area and head for Westeros, and she didn't want to listen to anyone. IMO, she's just one of the crazy Targaryens.
She really is quite a nasty character, and I see her as more of a villain. I think she's in for a nasty shock when the people of Westeros see her as a horrifying terror threat and not their messiah.
I don't think she will ever get to Westeros. I think she will remain in Essos and build her own version of Valyrian State or whatever it was called. There is nothing waiting for her in Westeros, especially after the Aegon's reveal.

I wonder how Martin sees her - as a fantasy princess, misguided teenager or kind of a villain? If it's the first - expect the series ending with her riding her dragons and defeating the Others, which is probably my least favorite possible outcome of the series. If it's the other possibilities - she will continue to suffer and bring chaos to the world, until she understands that she's wrong or someone kills her and we will continue to read another 20 chapters of her doing nothing.
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