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Re: Poll: Which doctor would you want to work on you?

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I voted for Phlox. When I originally watched Enterprise, I thought he was annoying. But when I rewatched some of it a couple years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by how good his bedside manner was.
I'll take 24th century medical tech over a good bedside manner any day
I'd be more worried about him chatting about my medical records with anyone curious, taking my DNA and cloning a transplant being or deciding my affliction is part of my nature life cycle and letting me die.
If it's possible for 22nd-24th century fictional doctors to treat a 21st century live human, it should be equally possible for the 22nd century doc to have acquired the knowledge and technology of his 23rd and 24th century successors.

On the other hand, R. Star's points are a bit worrisome.
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