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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

You must own the book.

If you don't own the book then you aren't really trying.

If you can't read, there's a thing called "school" that might be able to help you.

At "school" they'll explain what "books" are.

The book was published in 1979. For 1979 that is progressive and good. Creator and executive producer of the series made a stand on gay rights when he didn't have to and no one else was interested. Good lord, homosexuality was only declassified as a mental illness they would lock you up in a padded room for in 1973, and here's a movie/book made just a couple years later postulating that there's a future where everyone is allowed to be as gay as they want to be without men with nets hunting them.

(I just had a classic Planet of the Apes flashback.)
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