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Personally, I wonder how Disney execs are going to react if JJ Abrams stays true to form and delays the release date of Star Wars like he did his two Star Treks. Somehow, under these circumstances I don't think Disney is going to be as understanding as Paramount was.
Given Disney's one film a year strategy, I think the schedule is a bit more rigid. Also, as far as I know, Paramount's decision to move the release of Star Trek from December of 2008 to May of 2009 wasn't Abrams' decision, although it probably benefited the film.
I was more making a reference to STID, which had it's original release date of June 2012 postponed because Orci and gang needed more time on the script. Plus there was some talk around the time Abrams was announced as Episode 7's director that he was considering postponing the 2015 date. Details.

But, due to Disney's desperation for a franchise and their plan to do an SW movie a year, I really can't see Disney indulging Abrams the way Paramount did.
If Abrams can't deliver, they can just go with the director I've been suggesting from the get-go, Brad Bird. (Seriously, judging from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Bird is the only action director in Hollywood right now with anywhere near George Lucas' gift for pacing & visual imagination.)

And while it's true that script issues where the big reason for the delays on Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek XI was pushed back from 2008 to 2009 because 2009's intended summer movie crop was decimated by the 2008 WGA strike. Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince was delayed for the same reason.

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As an aside, Helena Bohman Carter will always and only be Madam Lestrange in my mind. LOL
I think that will always be the first role I think of when I think of her, if only because it seems to distill her Burton-esque visual image so well. But she's done a lot of other great work in recent years, particularly in Tim Burton movies. She totally steals the show as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd. (But then, I've yet to see a production of Sweeney Todd where Mrs. Lovett didn't steal the show.) I loved her as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland. ("Use the curtains if you have to but clothe this enormous girl!") And her every tiny facial tic was pure comedy gold as the alcoholic psychiatrist in Dark Shadows. So I think she's had a pretty awesome career.

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All I read in your entire post was "Salma Hayek" & "Wild Wild West." I'm just going to savor that image again. It's probably still better than anything The Lone Ranger has to offer.

149-minute film


106-minute film

From a purely visual standpoint, Hayek is more stimulating. However, if they both tried to seduce me, I think Helena Bonham Carter would jump to the front of the line. She has an inherent sultry-ness that's very appealing.
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