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Was T'Rul anything more than a technician, though? She was sent to babysit a cloak, and probably ferry intelligence reports to the Empire. What about that job suggests she would rise to a higher rank that would lead her to being a liaison coordinating military activity?
She held the rank of sub-commander, so she was clearly more than a technician.

Why? At best it might make her the equivalent of Geordi LaForge, an expert on the technology side of things, but not necessarily groomed for command and diplomacy.
Subcommander is the equivalent of being a full commander in Starfleet. Heck in one TNG episode, a Romulan warbird was commanded by a subcommander. To say she's "just a technician" isn't really fair.

Your example of Geordi seems to fit very well for the opposing argument. During season 1 when he was but a lowly lieutenant junior grade, Picard was playing around with him being in command.

I suppose Janeway was "just" a scientist before getting command too? Sisko "just" an engineer?
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