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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

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Everyone in the future according to Roddenberry is bisexual.
Wow that's an in-between the lines idea I didn't catch. How would the Vulcan kids know if they are bisexual when they are 7? Doesn't that take...experimentation after puberty?
In a preamble of the adaptation of the motion picture written by Roddenberry, a journalist is interviewing Kirk about his life on Enteprise during his historic 5 year mission and is under the mistaken belief that Kirk and Spock were lovers. Kirk says something like "He's a nice guy but I'm smart enough to chose a lover that wants to do it more than once every seven years." then there's a foot note at the bottom of the page that describes the sexual liberation in the 22nd century were every human being EXCEPT KIRK is bisexual.

It's all right at the beginning of the book.
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