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Re: George Lucas: Star Wars stood on the shoulders of Star Trek

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But see I view the change to digital filmmaking as progress. As such, he advanced the medium like no one else.
Like no-one else? Seriously? More than the Lumiere brothers, Sergei Eisenstein, DW Griffith, or Orson Welles?

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George Lucas did more for the advancement of motion pictures than anyone since Lumiere brothers.
With the exception of maybe Griffith, the others are not applicable to the conversation. And Porter is probably more deserving.

They others' influence has primarily been artistic in nature. Artistic choices and changes never become ubiquitous (otherwise they wouldn't be artistic), so, by definition, they can't be considered absolute forward progression.

Lucas had the good fortune to work with a terrific, innovative special effects company. He had the luck of being the director of the movie their special effects sequences were placed in.
That's like saying Barack Obama had the good fortune and luck (if you want to be redundant) of being elected the first black American president.

Whether you like it or not, Lucas was the driving force behind all that. And he has had his hand in so many different cookie jars over the years, it is impossible to know just how far and wide his reach goes. The fact of the matter is, remove him from the equation and the current face of the industry is a lot different than it is. There isn't anyone else--save for maybe a studio person, which is impossible to know--that you can say that about.

To view him as not only a cinematic genius, but THE cinematic genius, is ludicrous.
Please indicate where I said this or even implied it.
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