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When you throw the comics in the mix though, the pattern is definitely there and it's also a pattern that has existed to differing degrees since Trek's inception. The NuTrek movies look slightly worse than say, DS9, because there isn't enough material to establish a definitive pattern but the old imbalance is most definitely still showing up in what we have so far.
At least we've got TrekLit to counter this.
Except the topic is specifically about female authority figures in the Abramsverse (oh, I wish we had a better name for that continuity), and there is no Trek Lit in the Abramsverse except the YA Academy novels. How have they been at portraying female authority figures?

(There was a female commodore as a major character in my Abramsverse novel that got cancelled, though.)
Sorry. I saw the references to the pattern existing since Trek's inception and DS9 and thought that opened the discussion to the whole franchise. I guess I misunderstood.
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