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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

CaptainRoop said:
Are you going to be filling in any other areas of the ship besides the bridge? I have a corridor concept that would fit well with the style you have already established. I also have a warp core that I sketched a couple of years ago that might work for you, I just have no idea where they are in my huge mess of files.
We can talk about it, need to talk with other people. Dig them up and send stuff to me in E-mail

Must be having problems getting that quote thing down. Sorry
I hope I wasn't being pushy. I just hate for my work to sit gathering dust if I think it could be useful. Use them if you wish or chuck it in the trash. Your choice.

I'll try and find them. I made a paper model of the corridor that I may still have somewhere. You know, that sounded really old school...
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