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Re: Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes confirmed for Bond 24

Instead of making up another ridiculous one-off villain a la Silva (ha ha, he's blond and a hacker like Julian Assange, aren't we clever), either go full-on fantasy and return to the Quantum plot, or (even better, in my view) make the next movie [I wrote:

actually [/I]gritty and realistic, as in Bond having to single-handedly infiltrate some really gnarly part of the world, a Pyongyang or Mogadishu or Tehran.
Now that Skyfall wraps things up, they should make a trilogy of films that share a common thread. They should have Craig's Bond discover that Quantum is a modern day SPECTRE (at least imply the relationship via the use of octopus logos), and introduce a brand new character incarnation of Blofeld.

I believe I read that MGM/Sony now own the rights to Kevin Mclory's IP, so Blofeld should be no longer off limits to EON.
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