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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

1) This Is 40 - C+
2) Easy A - A-
3) The Bounty Hunter - B+
4) Crazy, Stupid, Love. - B-

5) What To Expect When You're Expecting - B+
6) Contagion - C

7) Identity Thief - A
8) We Bought A Zoo - A-

9) The Ides of March - B+
10) Top Gun - C+
11) It Could Happen To You - B+
12) Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - A+
13) Mirror, Mirror - A
14) Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World - A
15) Inglorious Basterds - B+
16) Independence Day - B+
17) Star Trek Into Darkness - B+

18) Kick-Ass - B
19) The Heat - B-
20) Monsters Inc. - B+
21) White House Down - B+
22) Saving Private Ryan - A

It was good, even on this rewatch several years after seeing it originally. The first twenty minutes still effectively show the chaos of D-Day and I also enjoy that these were a collection of guys, not a stock pick of every stereotype.

23) Air Force One - A-

I caught this one on History Channel last night and ever since it came out, it has been one of my guilty pleasures. I don't think it works as well if you don't have Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman completely buying into the roles and while it does have its plot holes, like why is Xander Berkley's Secret Service agent helping the terrorists? it's still a great popcorn flick.
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