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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I'm not a big fan of this particular story line, but at least Bran got to wherever he was going and stuff happened in his chapters.
I always enjoy Bran's chapters because we explore the magical side of the series, and we get to experience what it's like to warg in to wolf. One of the most interesting POVs.

I hated those chapters. Those were the chapters that should've been cut in order to put the battle of Winterfell or the batle of Mereen in ADWD, instead of pushing both to the next book.
I think Quentyn might be an important reason the Dornish people turn on Dany and decide to join Aegon. Either way, I found his encounter with the dragons to be more interesting than anything Tyrion did throughout his twelve chapters. Even that time he watched some turtles.

You mean, including the one where Martin describes in great detail how she shits herself?
Yeah, I thought it was very well-written and had a point to it. Which a huge chunk of Dany's pre-Drogon's return chapters didn't have.

He should change the editor ASAP, but it will never happen. It was his most successful book to date and he will not change anything about the next one, whenever it comes. If anything, I expect things to get worse.
Weirdly, the majority of fans/readers agree ADWD had huge pacing problems... but none of the critics on release seemed to mention this. Instead, saying it was possibly GRRM's best novel to date. I think they were trying to make up for ignoring his works before the HBO show aired because there's no way ADWD is of ASoS quality. I'm convinced GRRM will have read those reviews and not take on board the criticism of fans, as their opinions are not paid for.

He should change the editor to someone who will not be afraid to tell him that several hundred pages of unreadable crap (like Essos/Slaver's Bay stuff in this book) is bad.
I don't think it was that bad an idea, there was just way too much of it. The overall Meereen plot is a good idea and I like all the plot developments. They just come ridiculously slowly and the majority of the time, nothing is happening. Things do pick up once Selmy takes centre stage though. He had some good sequences.

Yeah, it's repetitive and predictable. Seriously, does anyone here believe that Jon Snow or Stannis are dead?
ASOIAF has this weird reputation in the media for killing off fan-favourite characters, which is weird as that doesn't seem to have been the case at all from my point of view. Eddard is the only arguable fan favourite that has died. Robb was nobody's favourite as he was barely in it, a huge chunk of fans fucking hate Catelyn, and it's not like Tywin and Joffrey were fan favourites. Unless I'm forgetting somebody important, those are the only major deaths in the series? I doubt anybody shed tears for Pycelle.

I suppose at a push Oberyn could count, but I think he only became a beloved character to me a few pages before he died.
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