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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Theon's story. Up there with the best of GRRM's writing.
Agreed. My favorite part of ADWD.
Bran's chapters, I just wish we'd gotten a greater amount. More happened in his 3 chapters than in all 10 of Dany's or 12 of Tyrion's.
I'm not a big fan of this particular story line, but at least Bran got to wherever he was going and stuff happened in his chapters.
- More Melisandre than before. I heart that red bitch so damn much, was great to get a POV.

- Davos's chapters. Wonderfully atmospheric, wish he hadn't vanished from the second half of the book like Bran did.
Agreed. More chapters of Stannis' people would be great.
Victarion Greyjoy is a slowly becoming a favourite POV of mine. Absolute psycho, in the most hilarious way. I hope he manages to bag himself a dragon and get his vengeance on Euron.
I love Ironborn. There should be more of them and I hope they'll be on the winning side in the end of the story.
Quentyn Martell. I found it tragically funny and nihilistic that I had to read a virginal loser travelling all that way, just to get horrifically killed.
I hated those chapters. Those were the chapters that should've been cut in order to put the battle of Winterfell or the batle of Mereen in ADWD, instead of pushing both to the next book.
Dany's final 2 chapters were far superior to her earlier ones and genuinely gripping.
You mean, including the one where Martin describes in great detail how she shits herself? I want to "unread" it, so that the images would disappear from my mind.
The pacing. A huge chunk of this book contains nothing of interest happening in Essos/Slaver's Bay, causing the storytelling momentum to completely die.

- Everybody in Slaver's Bay acts the same and has a similar name. It makes the chapters an incredibly trying read.
So you had more or less the same problem I had with this book.
George ran out of space for the two battles which the entire book had been leading up to because he gave us an insane amount of pointless chapters. It'd be like if in A Clash of Kings he had to cut the Battle of Blackwater because he'd given 10 POV chapters to Hot Pie. A ludicrous misjudgment of pacing and audience patience.
He should change the editor ASAP, but it will never happen. It was his most successful book to date and he will not change anything about the next one, whenever it comes. If anything, I expect things to get worse.
He should change the editor to someone who will not be afraid to tell him that several hundred pages of unreadable crap (like Essos/Slaver's Bay stuff in this book) is bad.
Too many fake deaths, to the point it became repetitive. Though the real death of Kevan was surprisingly powerful and classic GRRM melancholia.
Yeah, it's repetitive and predictable. Seriously, does anyone here believe that Jon Snow or Stannis are dead? Kevan's and Pycelle's deaths were great and I hope they don't get resurrected by some plot magic in the next book.
Daario, go suck a dick.
I would say he should die horribly and be never ever mentioned again. Fuck him, Essos, Slaver's Bay and all those Zzzaaaknizz-mo-Blablazznizzes.
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