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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Vektor said:
Now is a good time for all of you to let me know anything you absolutely love or absolutely can't stand.
Vektor, the lines on this revision flow together SO much better, especially in 3-D; your "work" model is better than 90% of the crappy "real" models one sees at these days. Unfortunately, the flow is now so velvety smooth and liquid that what I can only presume is a shuttleboat or "captain's yacht"...

...looks completely, jarringly out of place.

Unless this feature is going to be exactly the same color as the surrounding hull and will only be a faint outline on the finished product, I'd either hide the entire thing under retractable flush-mounted doors that follow the existing lines of the Grandeur, modify the profile of the "yacht" so that it better matches the surrounding ship, or consider scrapping the feature entirely.
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