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Re: Homecoming & The Farther Shore

I wasn't that happy with those books when I read them.They were acceptable, but not so much more. I had expected something better.

But compared to the recent Voyager books, they are actually very good.

What I would have liked to see is how Starfleet were using the experience that the Voyager crew had from the years in the Delta Quadrant, keeping the crew together sa a tight unit, ready for special missions where necessary.

Janeway should have remained the Captain of Voyager, no Admiral rubbish and Chakotay should have remained First Officer.

Tuvok should have remained Chief of Security, Paris should have remained as the pilot, Torres as the tech wizard she was in the series and Kim should have remained at Ops.

Seven and The Doctor should also have remained as they were in the series and we should have had a book where Neelix finds his way back to his friends and rejoins the crew.

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