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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

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I wonder if when Alexander Enberg googles himself, if he also googles "Vorrik" to see if people are still talking about him? ...Because he is going to find this thread.
Buddy, I wasn't trying to be kind to the character b/c of the actor. I was responding to this comment by talking about the actor...

I support Vorik b/c I think his character is cool. There's by bias. Yep I said it.
I felt the levels of assholicity in my bloodstream dip, you know "compassion" so what you 'heard" was me outwardly reconfirming my convictions to cornhole the truth at every opportunity.

I don't think I've actually had a bad word to say about Vorik before this thread and generally wanted more of th lad because, I like the wallpaper characters to be fleshed out which enhances the over all universe.

When the spotlight shone on the little guys on DS9 I was in hog heaven.

Bloodfever was directed by Andrew Robinson. Imagine if he had done a walk on/through in the background of this episode which would have anyone wonder if Seska hadn't actually been part of a double act, and how is it that Garak could flit back and forth between quadrants effortlessly?
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