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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

I wish we'd seen tearful fallout among the crew from when they got to start talking to earth. Oh well at least the one jilted lover we did get was Janeway, thus FREEING HER FOR SEVEN!!! Or whoever. Really, I'm generous enough to say "whoever".

It would have been very boring if Mark had been, "Oh Darling I'll wait for you!" and Janeway was then off the market in a much duller way than just being the Captain.

Imagine if you were back home and your spouse was lost on Voyager but really, though you didn't wish them ill, you were sick of that relationship and the fact that you were at some point going to have a very sympathetic out was something you felt guiltily excited about and so you set a date when you would tell everyone you were moving on now and then right before that date Voyager called.

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