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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

Will Ferrell played a Funeral Crasher in Wedding Crashers, which is how he got his strange.

Voyager's widows and widowers back in the AQ, they would have congregated and mourned together and eventually mourned all night long together drunkenly. They became a peer group with anger issues disclaiming the universe as being neither fair nor logical, so hook ups were inevitable without the sex act taking place on top of some buggers "pretend" coffin avatar space holder.

This is likely?

But this is a certainty... "Hi, I know we've been lost in space together for four years, and we've barely ever even talked, but I just found out that my Husband is boning your wife, and they're not going to stop. I'm caught up in a revenge fantasy right now, so if you'd please take your pants off and assume the position, so that we can show those two sons of bitches exactly what it takes to really flush our combined wedding vows down the toilet."

Or words to that effect following a similar theme.
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