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Re: Vorik the Ponfarr Vulcan

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Also.. WHY couldn't we get those female Vulcans? What did they have to disappear?! Could have been all kinds of interesting. I'd rather see Vorik and female Vulcan no. 2 have to deal logically with needing each other for pon farr when they had mates/betrothed at home. Actual sorta interesting Vulcan stuff. Not the usual OMG he's lost control stuff that every series has done.
Star Trek really has been rather... juvenile towards sex. From wacky Vulcans going out of control, catsuits for all females who can fill them, lube cha.. I mean decon chambers, to making up words for sex like jamaharon. They may as well put a sign on Risa saying "No Fat People Allowed" too.
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