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Re: Homecoming & The Farther Shore

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I read these when they came out - they're not brilliant but they're miles better than the Spirit Walk duology which I wish I'd skipped.!
Oh I agree there. I didn't even read the second Spirit Walk, I remember seeing it for a couple bucks on a bargain table and thinking I'd rather spend it on a cup of coffee. The first one was dreadful. And such a disappointment because I so enjoyed Homecoming and The Farthest Shore. Certainly they aren't great literature (no where's near as good as Mosaic) but they are fun, well paced and I felt like Golden wrote with the characters voices very well. Once she got to Spirit Walk she seemed to have run out of steam, and even setting aside that the topic of Klingon Spirituality and the the dumbass messiah storyline (which is thankfully DEAD now) are just godawful to me the books are shit.

I read her Warcraft books and the same thing seems to happen, starts off with a great story and after a couple books it's like it's a ghostwriter draft. Who knows, maybe the first ones get edited in to greatness and then they don't bother?

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