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Re: Better if they had allowed main cast to die?

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Well, you can point a finger at me for saying Chakotay could've and should've been a hell of a lot more than Janeway's lapdog. And akoochimoya, my indigenous ass, and all that.

Doesn't mean I don't see Voyager's good points.

All it means is that I really loathe what they did to one character.
That was partially because Beltran was a b*tch on set and squandered any chances he was given to do anything so they stopped caring.

Also, it was because they didn't do a good enough job making him that dissimilar from Janeway in the first place and were afraid of the underlying sexism of the premise (A weak woman captain who has to compromise with terrorists).
Maybe it was because they created a stereotypical Indian based on some New Age impression of what Indians are...

But, wait... Did you just criticize Voyager? Are you a basher?
They shouldn't have bothered with any of the Native Indian stuff and not let his ethnicity influence the character so much.

And I'll be honest, I've believed that VOY had an incomplete premise and that they should've just done what Berman wanted to do and wait until DS9 was done to do VOY. Would've given them more time to iron out the kinks.
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