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Re: The X-Files: for want of a modern cellphone...

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. . . One reason some films were a lot better, mobile phones are very useful, but from a dramatic perspective they can really drain tension out of a scene unless the writers make them useless in some way.
Kind of like Star Trek's transporter.

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. . . It was even worse than that, there were Party Lines back then, which meant you had to share your phone line with someone. So, if you wanted to make a call, you had to first make sure the phone wasn't in use already. (And you could listen in on other people's conversations.)
In the classic 1959 film Pillow Talk (the first of three pictures starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day), the whole story is based on two people who can't stand each other having to share a party line. However, it takes place in Manhattan, where there hadn't been any party lines since the 1930s. Oh well, screw accuracy -- it's a comedy.
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