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Re: Is there a recipe for becoming a trekkie?

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Be conceived and born into Trekkieness.

Some are born into Trekkieness. Some others achieve Trekkieness. Others still have Trekkieness thrust upon them.

For me, it was the will of the miditricorderians that conceived my trekkieness into existence. That, and watching Star Trek III many times.
You mean quadrotritichlorians, don't you?

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Hello everyone, I'm new, and there's a few things I want to know. i just got into Star Trek about 6 months ago, and I don't confess to be a trekkie. I know I have quite a long way to go! But my question is, is there a special method to becoming a trekkie? Is it just watching episodes frequently, or following the franchise? Someday I hope to be able to call myself a trekkie, (Even though 99.9% of my friends couldn't care less about Star Trek!) and I want to know an efficient and effective way to achieve it! Any ideas? Where should I start?
* Start by watching some episodes. (Where you start doesn't really matter all that much.)
* If you enjoy them, try watching some more.
* Repeat, as needed or desired. Try some episodes from another Trek series, or one of the movies.
* You don't even need to worry about when to call yourself a Trekkie; I've been at this for quite a while, and I still just think of myself as someone who enjoys watching Star Trek.
* If you feel like it, you can also talk about Trek stuff here with other people who like to talk about Trek.
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