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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

The thing that people don't seem to appreciate about this situation is that they were setting up Superman to be the Jor-El figure in Jason's life, and Richard to be the Jonathan Kent figure.
I didn't catch that either. It's a very astute observation. Makes me sad for Kal-El, though. He never got to embrace his own father; his new father dies in front of him of a heart attack and he's forbidden to have any sort of enduring, loving relationship with a woman. He can't even interact with his birth father anymore because their means of communication is severed by Jor El restoring Kal El's power and "dying" for good. As a bonus his son will be raised by someone else even though Kal-El isn't dead. When you think about it--that really fucking sucks. No wonder the movie wasn't successful.

What a downer for Kal-El of Krypton. Thanks for sending me to Earth instead of that more advanced civilization with a red sun who doesn't need saving, dad.

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