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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

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One of the funnest movies I have seen in a long time, I had a complete blast, laughed a lot, loved the cheese and the fights were spectacular. It was basically "Fuck it, this is awesome and we're doing it" as far as plot goes, there were so many times where stuff kinda didn't make sense but was so awesome you overlooked it. I was smiling and chuckling so much at how crazy shit got at one point. Can't wait to see it again.

Agree with this 100%. I didn't go for the plot; I went because it was just a big Giant Robot VS Big Alien Monsters slugfest (with a lot of funny character moments, which was unexpected but welcome); and yeah, the overall plot was just there as background - and if you try to think about it too hard, it doesn't really hold up; but it wasn't supposed to.)

I probably won't go see it again in the theatre; but I will get the Blu-Ray for sure.

Also be sure to stay through the end-credits as there is an easter egg that's absolutely hilarious (it might be groan worthy for some but I LOVED it - and it had me laughing loud.)
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