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Re: Pacific Rim - Grading and Discussion

cbspock wrote: View Post
I guess they marketed the movie wrong. I have no desire to see the movie myself. The trailers alone just smelled of "battleship" type lame movie.

Word of mouth - even on the good "fanwank" reviews -- movie too long, plot holes, etc.

So why bother.

Grown ups 2 sucks as well... looks like a weekend to skip the movies.

Despicable Me 2 was funny at least.


Um no...This was about a million times better in every area than Battleship.

Stone_Cold_Sisko wrote: View Post
I think the marketing for this movie was terrible. Only geeks who got excited about the very concept of "mechs" fighting monsters and knew about the director, had any enthusiasm. I got absolutely no vibe or buzz from this from the non-geek casual audience. Watching the trailers, I see nothing that distinguishes this from Battleship or any other generic action flop, it comes across as a movie trying to cash in on Transformers with giant robots. It needed either better marketing/trailers, or a big name actor.
The marketing was just fine, the odd thing is that even a lot of "geeks" aren't going to see it. It IS a shame, however I don't really care at this point, Im glad it's out and Im going to see it again tomorrow with some family.

If this movie had been bad...guilty pleasure, but since it was great, no guilt at all.

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