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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th

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Does he even have to be an Augment? If the villain were John Harrison, renegade Starfleet officer turned terrorist fighting for an ideology you'd still have the same movie. The only real change is that there'd be no magic blood that can cure death, but all that means is we can't kill Kirk and rip TWOK off.
I'm still sticking with this

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Yeah, I can see some normal guy slaughtering a platoon of Klingons (bigger and scarier versions I might add) like nothing, shrugging off stun blasts from a phaser and Vulcan nerve pinches, and also holding his own against an extremely pissed off Spock.
Make the character a special ops badass and he could still win against the Klingons, just with something a bit more creative then "beat them as the storm in." The big fight against Spock probably wouldn't happen, or at least be as intense since Kirk wouldn't have been killed and therefore Spock shouldn't be as pissed.
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