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Re: Orson Scott Card "Please don't boycott my film!"

I love it when bigots hide behind stuff like "hey it's just a political opinion". I'd laugh in the face of someone trying to justify a law against whites and blacks marrying (which btw used the same word for word arguments that the anti-SSM today are using) and be like "why are you upset with me about that!??!?! It's just a political opinion!". No, tax rates are a political opinion. Even healthcare

You don't try and actively stop other groups of people from marrying each other in a way that never effects you in any real unless you're driven by something darker. OSC has said and written some UGLY things about gay people.

And now that society is moving past his bigotry, HE's asking for "tolerance". Tt's like someone turned the lights on and roaches are scurrying away from the lights.

People really seem to have a problem facing the consequences. Nobody's throwing your bigoted ass in jail for saying hateful things. You have the freedom to be a hateful bigot (and I do say hateful when you look at the things OSC has SPECIFICALLY said about this issue).... and other people have the freedom to be disgusted by it, not buy things that benefit you, and ask others not to.

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