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Re: I'd Pay to See Kathryn Bigelow Direct Wonder Woman - Would You?

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Wonder Woman's mythos presents many problems, but the basic hook to the character, particularly in her first appearance, is really not that hard. Diana's a newcomer, who has long dreamed of exploring the wider world, which she's been sent to save. She believes in peace, justice, all that stuff -- not really that different from other superheroes.
Part of the problem could be that the basic hook is a little too similar to Superman., it's really not. Superman was born on Krypton, but he's functionally a Kansan. The world is foreign to him; he's of it. Diana's not.
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OT: I would be interested in seeing her Wonder Woman.

And one way they should look at it is how WW's current title does it. Urban Fantasy. It's great.
I think the single-biggest difficulty in adapting Wonder Woman (apart from studios' anxiety around tentpole films starring women) is the lack of a real comics consensus on her mythos. Dating back to her creator, Diana's best runs have generally been very specific to the vision of the author (George Perez, Greg Rucka, etc.), and haven't had tremendous success in defining a status quo for others to use (Perez and Rucka were both followed by writers who immediately dismantled most of what they had focused on; or, in Rucka's case, he was compelled to do it himself). This results in things like the lack of a firm "home base" in the real world, almost no consistent supporting characters, and a rogue's gallery has plenty of potential but which has never been properly developed.*

There are other issues, of course, some of which relate to elements of Marston's original outline. For Marston it was critical that the Amazons were actually a civilization superior to our world, but there are a lot of creators this clearly rubs the wrong way (Geoff Johns and Bruce Timm, for instance); while others lean more toward making the Amazons more like the mythological Amazons.

* Gail Simone's run was particularly annoying in this regard, because I know for a fact that she read a very detailed fan overview of the pitfalls the past writers had fallen into with regard to handling Diana's villains. Pitfalls which her own run then fell into anyway.
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