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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

What an awful cover.

I found the excerpts interesting. It's fascinating to get a glimpse into the production travails, and seeing confirmation that some things fans have argued about for years are, as expected, simply oversights by a production probably scrambling to stay on schedule (e.g. “Lithium Crystal Recharging Section” gets mislabeled "Engineering").

I'm curious what all the sources are. The memos are one thing, but did he interview all these people, or is he quoting other interviews at length?

I do have a concern based on these excerpts: the author editorializes too much, both via word choice ("the sloppiness continued") and in stating things which are not factual ("It may very well have been the best-staged fight shot for TV.").

Furthermore, there are some weirdly unexplained things like "The scenes in the alternate engineering set were planned to come next". What? What "alternate engineering set"? Does this mean in the script we are seeing two different Enterprises, one in each universe? Or does he mean the mislabeled lithium recharghing station? Impossible to decipher from the way it's worded.

So, it looks worth reading for the direct quotes, but I'm leery of the author's opinions, conclusions and lack of specificity.
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