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Re: I'd Pay to See Kathryn Bigelow Direct Wonder Woman - Would You?

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It's gonna be a challenge no matter who directs it. WW is just a hard character to make relatable to audiences-- she's an Amazon warrior from a hidden island that is ruled by women and somehow looks like Ancient Greece. And she's also got superpowers and can fly and/or pilot an invisible jet.

Somehow they'd have to find a way to get inside her head and make us truly understand her and what she's thinking, like MOS did with Superman. Or give her some kind of unique character arc like Marvel did with Thor, when he got knocked down a peg and work his way back up.

But I'm not really sure how.
Wonder Woman's mythos presents many problems, but the basic hook to the character, particularly in her first appearance, is really not that hard. Diana's a newcomer, who has long dreamed of exploring the wider world, which she's been sent to save. She believes in peace, justice, all that stuff -- not really that different from other superheroes.

Regarding the OP, Bigelow has some genre experience in the past, though at this point I'm not sure whether she's really interested in going back to that. But if she was interested in doing a Wonder Woman film adaptation, I'd see it.
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Wonder Woman or Black Widow films seem like the kind of obvious and yet curiously non-discussed routes for the two major franchises in terms of protagonist.
Wonder Woman's been discussed ad nauseum. The WB just has no idea how to do it; but then, on the whole they've been pretty indecisive at actually producing superhero films.

A solo movie for Black Widow I suspect has been discussed. I know Johansson has made some random mentions about the idea in the past. So far Marvel hasn't really made any moves to spin any of the supporting heroes from The Avengers into their own films, but if RDJ isn't up for more Iron Man movies, that may create more spaces in their calendar to go that route.
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