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Re: I'd Pay to See Kathryn Bigelow Direct Wonder Woman - Would You?

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EDIT: Ok, I skimmed the article which pretty much lost my interest after "Any creature on screen minus a 'Y' chromosome tends to be a side player in this cinematic universe."

Why does this need to be a male vs female thing?
...because it is?

Even if one accepted your premise that directors are always hired based on their ability and no other factors (and I don't for the reasons Harvey cited), that quote is referring to the content of the movies. If superhero films are overwhelmingly concerned with their male characters, with almost exclusively male protagonists and very often dealing primarily with the male characters, then that is a way in which superhero films are gendered.

If you want to say it's a good thing or a neutral thing, then fine, whatever. But it is a thing, it is an observation that is empirically true.
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