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Re: How long before TNG were the Wrath Of Khan uniforms phased out?

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Oh no, I disagree with that. No, I doubt very much they would have sold off the existing uniforms and props if they were going to continue to make TNG movies. They would have kept those and sold off the things they were no longer going to use anymore.
No. If they knew they were going to make more films after Nemesis, but the next movie wasn't going to be for seven years, and sometime in that seven years they were going to auction off everything else, then the uniforms still would have been auctioned off. Once the new movie began preproduction, they would have used all that money they made off the auction to budget new uniforms, props, etc.

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TOS Unform
First apperace: The Corbomite Maneuver, 2266
Last appearance: Turnabout Intruder, 2269 (TAS: The Counter-Clock Incident, 2270)

TMP Uniform
Only Apperance: The Motion Picture, Mid 2270s

TWOK Uniform
First Appearance: The Wrath of Khan, 2285
Last Appearance: holorecording in TNG: Family 2347
62-78 years

First Appearance: photograph in TNG: Suddenly Human, 2353
Last Appearance: TNG: Shades of Gray (main cast), 2365

First Appearance: TNG: Evolution, 2366
Last Appearance: DS9: Tears of the Prophets, 2374

First Appearance: DS9: Emissary, 2369
Last Appearance: DS9: The Ascent, 2373

First Appearance: First Contact, 2373
Last Appearance: VOY: Timeless, 2390
Cool list. Thanks!
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