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Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era

From what i have seen. The doctors I really liked.

1. T. Baker/Smith
2. Trouton
3. Pertwee
4. Tennant
5. Eccelson
6. Hartnell (I can really see how the doctor evolved from his frist rein)
7. Davidson (can't stand tegan (does she ever stop whining) and adric)
8. C baker/ Mccoy ( I have probably only seen one or two from each so I can't really say I dislike them or not)

I sort of rated that on how much I enjoyed the epsodes and the companions. I can't say I hated any of them. I do hope to watch more of the episodes on the internet or as the library buys them. OH I haven't see the movie so I can't say if I like him or not. (though he is very handsome).
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