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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

I recently finished a re-read of Vanguard, and I came up with some new casting ideas for some of the characters I didn't previously have a model for. They include:

Bridy Mac: Katie McGrath (Merlin's Morganna)
Neera: Kelly Hu
Isaiah Farber: David Harewood
Mahmud al-Khaled: Oded Fehr
Ambassador Lugok: Ed Asner (at least the voice)
Ambassador D'Tran: Donald Sutherland (don't ask me why, it just randomly came out that way in my mind)

For Haniff Jackson, I originally went with Chi McBride, but I eventually realized that the character being described was younger and more physically fit, so I couldn't think of a good replacement.

For Jon Cooper, for lack of a better idea I ended up imagining him as Peter Lupus circa Mission: Impossible.

And this time around I went with the suggestion made earlier in this thread of Amy Acker as T'Prynn, because I'm more familiar with and fond of her than I am of Bridget Moynihan, and I felt it worked pretty well.

I also tried imagining Alice Eve as the young Carol Marcus, since that was easier for me to visualize than a young Bibi Besch. But I don't know what Eve would sound like with an American accent, so it was harder to imagine her performance than her appearance.
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