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Re: [spoiler], Harrison, or Tonto [spoilers]

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Khan wasn't exactly a complex character to begin with. He's pretty one note in "Space Seed" and TWOK.
It's not even necessarily about the complexity of his character, but about how his character relates to the theme. In Space Seed, it was relating to the sci fi theme of eugenics or supermen and related to ideas of ambition. In the Wrath of Khan, the concept was merely an answer to the question posed at the end of Space Seed, and it somewhat continued some of those themes. In Into Darkness, there is practically no commentary about his superiority in relation to what the movie is actually about. It's all just superfluous stuff added on the side. The core story has nothing to do with superior ambition or the woes of genetic engineering. And there's even a blood that seems to cure serious ailments and even death, which has so much opportunity and possibilities for sci fi type stories. But none of that really factors in because again it's just not what the story is about.

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Nor in Wrath of Khan
So what?

Khan explained them in the brig ("Is there anything you would not do for your family?")
That's not back story, it's vague rhetoric. It could be said by any villain ever.

Couldn't you say that about "Space Seed"?
No because that premise followed directly from the question at the end of that episode, and expanded from there. It started with a character and situation and built off that. STID was written in the opposite way.
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