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Re: Alien Nation fans?

Always liked the show.
Haven't seen it in years.

I always wondered what Tv/movies would have developed in the AN about a reboot of Trek....would they have had an episode of TNG or maybe ST5 would have involved a displaced tenctonese starfleet officer who seeks help restoring the proper timelines where the Tenctonese landed on Earth in 1988 after purists changed one would know him or have heard of the tenctonese..maybe a Spock mind Meld convinces them....of course tng may have been cancelled if aliens landed in 1988...
this could even move the eugenics wars to 2020's in human response to the superiorphysical and mental nature of tenctonese.......Babylon 5 different too...tenctonese as a vorlon experiment to crossbreed Narns and centauri?
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