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Re: Spocks Brain..... Is It That Bad ????

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I hate "The Alternative Factor." "Plato's Stepchildren" is embarrassing. "Spock's Brain" is painful. "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" is tedious. There's a difference. Defending episodes like these is why the producers believe (rightly) that they can shovel any crap they want at us -- and we'll eat it up -- so long it has STAR TREK stamped on it.
What's wrong with you? I love most of these episodes because each of these gave us something unique:
  • "The Alternative Factor" - dilithium crystal regeneration room (never seen again, thanks for this episode)
  • "I, Mudd" - port side wall of the Auxiliary Control Room
  • "Spock's Brain" - interesting wall console "starship style" in the "brain room"
  • "And the Children Shall Lead" - great tour of the "Solarium" aka Rec Room Season Three
  • "Let That Be..." - different access to hangar deck, bulkhead doors in corridors etc.
Hmm...if these episodes are crap they definitely knew how to sugarcoat these for me.

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