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Re: Is there a recipe for becoming a trekkie?

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Hello everyone, I'm new, and there's a few things I want to know. i just got into Star Trek about 6 months ago, and I don't confess to be a trekkie. I know I have quite a long way to go! But my question is, is there a special method to becoming a trekkie? Is it just watching episodes frequently, or following the franchise? Someday I hope to be able to call myself a trekkie, (Even though 99.9% of my friends couldn't care less about Star Trek!) and I want to know an efficient and effective way to achieve it! Any ideas? Where should I start?
Well, my personal experience is have a brother and father that are obsessed with it.

The qualities that I found enriched Star Trek for me as an adult are as follows:

-- Contemplate the cosmos. Have a knowledge about the history of the space program and have some enthusiasm for it. If you wanted to be an astronaut, even if you know nothing about science, even better. Imagine what it would be like to live in Star Trek's world where we know there's alien life on other planets. Consider the politics, and social effects, of having that life in the history of humanity. Think about how to communicate with something that doesn't look or act like us. Think about how you would handle being in space for all that time. These are questions the writers handle.

-- Have a passing understanding of the social sciences, science, arts, and literature. Yes, these are astronauts, but they also deal in psychology, sociology, philosophy, literature, and they are learned enough, both the characters and the writers, to have a 101 level discussion about each. These are some of the richest moments of the series. If you want just a shoot-em-up Sci-Fi show, Star Trek pales in comparison (because it's so old) to other series. If they reference something you do not know about, take some time to do a Google search, or better yet, read up on it. Star Trek can be a gateway into learning.

-- Contemplate History. There are tons of references within Star Trek. It deepens the material (and sometimes you see things coming) when they make references. Think about Star Trek as a living history of the world. You are seeing history as it happens. Know something about the colonization of the Americas. That's the new world we've actually explored.

-- As with all television and literature, have some understanding of dramatic structure. Know when they are talking to the themes of the show, Star Trek puts it in dialogue which is why it's not critically acclaimed, and that will make it easy to understand. Think about what's a good episode's structure and a bad one. But, then again, this goes for all television.

--Love the characters. Take each character and learn something about them. Remember, there's going to be a lot of Trek that doesn't serve the story (not my favorite Trek), but is simply background into who these people are. They are clearly defined characters that have differences because Star Trek wants to "take delight" in differences.

-- Find someone to discuss the show with. Moral dilemmas, dramatic moments, historical, scientific, and social references, all of it is discussed on here some 20 years since the majority of Trek has gone away. There's a reason for that. Contemplate the episode, see what you can get out of it, put your opinion out there, and have an open mind enough to hear someone else's take on it. Trekbbs can do this. It's better to have friends (as I did) that watch the show with you.

I don't know if you want to do all of that, but that's what keeps me coming back to Star Trek. I have watched since I was 5-years-old and it still feeds my mind.
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