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Re: Spocks Brain..... Is It That Bad ????

My stepson (age 14) is spending the summer with me and after seeing "Star Trek Into Darkness", he has decided that Star Trek is cool. We are working our way through the original series.

His "Top 5" favorites have been "Balance of Terror", "The City on the Edge of Forever", "The Doomsday Machine", "The Trouble with Tribbles" and "Mirror, Mirror". He has excellent taste.

So far his least favorite episodes have been "Shore Leave" (which he figured out as soon as the little antenna-gizmo made its appearance) and "The Omega Glory" (which made him laugh out loud). "Spock's Brain" he thought was "funny, but okay". Surprisingly, he really liked "Patterns of Force". Guess I'd better start checking the margins of his homework for swastikas.
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