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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

I just finished the first rewatch since it was in theaters in 2006. Not as bad as I remembered.

I think it captured most of the feel of I and II. Brandon Routh did a pretty good job. Loooking at it now I think what turned me off to him in the first place were the CGI flying shots. Not his fault, and I didn't realize that's what it was at the time, but I thought his eyes looked dead. Now I know it's the CGI. They haven't really been able to capture human eyes yet.

Kevin Spacey did a pretty good job of channeling Gene Hackman.

I like Kate Bosworth. She's much easier to look at than Margot Kidder, even back then. I do agree with some here that Parker Posey might have been a better choice, but I don't really have any complaints.

Marsden's character was wasted. He didn't need to be there, except to provide the seaplane. Lois could have maintained that her son was by "an old boyfriend" and it wouldn't have been any more obvious who was the father.

The kid could have performed a couple more super-feats. Maybe blasting through the porthole with heat vision or something. I think maybe he did use telescopic vision to locate Superman in the ocean, but they never actually implied it.

I still hate that suit. The neck was too tight and the cape looked heavy. The reds were too dark, and the pasted on rubber emblem just didn't work for me.

Still, it wasn't as bad as I remembered. If given a choice between this one or MOS, I think I'd choose Superman Returns.

I grew up with George Reeves, then was amazed by Christopher Reeve in 1978. Superman Returns did a pretty decent job of carrying the torch.

That is all.
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