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Re: [spoiler], Harrison, or Tonto [spoilers]

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I don't think there was anything in the movie at all about selective breeding.
Nor in Wrath of Khan, when they swapped out Khan's selective breeding backstory for a genetically engineered one (which was very much in ID). WoK also made Khan and his followers white and blond.
In fact, there was next to nothing about Khan's past or motivations.
Khan explained them in the brig ("Is there anything you would not do for your family?"), Marcus explained a version over the viewscreen and then Spock (who was either told by Prime or Googled it afterwards) called him on it when Khan said he planned to continue his work from before he was frozen.
We know that the movie was originally written as not Khan, and Lindelof wanted it to be Khan so they tailored the role for him. It could have been anybody really because the role was so generic. He could have been a green-skinned alien and it wouldn't have made much of a difference.
Couldn't you say that about "Space Seed"? And you do know their Plan B for STII was to bring back Captain Garth?
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