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Re: [spoiler], Harrison, or Tonto [spoilers]

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Ok, not "anybody" as in a "normal guy" as you say, but the role wasn't initially written as Khan, and that's enough to know that it wasn't necessary for it to be Khan. Adding in a bunch of stuff like the Worf Effect was just superficial trimmings to fit Khan, not elements that were pivotal to the story. Were it someone else, the story would've accommodated them. This isn't that hard to see.
So basically instead of Khan, you want yet another Khan ripoff?
Nothing in what Cumberbatch does in STD reminds me of Khan, so I never get that argument. When was Khan ever able to beat a bunch of Klingons to a pulp, shrug off phaser blasts, resist Vulcan nerve pinches and have healing blood? Seriously, nobody would even THINK about shouting "Khan Ripoff!" if the guy was just called "John Harrison, secret agent"
Since he never fought Spock or Klingons and was never hit by a phaser in "Space Seed" or TWOK its hard to say. He did demonstrate super strength in "Space Seed". And McCoy comments on his advanced physiology:

Space Seed wrote:
KIRK: Bones?
MCCOY: He'll live.
KIRK: My compliments.
MCCOY: No, I'm good, but not that good. There's something inside this man that refuses to accept death. Look at that. Even as he is now, his heart valve action has twice the power of yours and mine. Lung efficiency is fifty percent better.
So that his blood might also be advanced is in keeping with what was established.

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So basically instead of Khan, you want yet another Khan ripoff?
I never said that. I think if you're going to use Khan, then actually make use of Khan. Don't just slap Khan onto a generic character. Utilize his history or his background to aid in the sci-fi story. They really didn't do that at all. His character was gutted.

And the character he was superimposed onto wasn't even necessarily reminiscent of Khan. They only shaped him that way because they could. The character could've easily stood on his own without being like Khan.

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Who was the character before he was Khan?
I don't know if they had a specific character in mind. I think they had a framework for a story, and the question became, "Why can't we bring Khan into this," or something to that effect.
Khan wasn't exactly a complex character to begin with. He's pretty one note in "Space Seed" and TWOK. And they aren't even the same notes. Khan in Into Darkness actually seems closer to the guy in "Space Seed" than the nutcase in TWOK.
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