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Re: Favorite Doctor and or Favorite Era

1. David Tennant

The Era where you realise that Doctor Who fans are no different to those annoying fans of a rock band who loved them when they were underground then cry "Sellout" the second the achieve mainstream popularity.
Tennant's era is classic who gone popular. All the ingredients are there, but hell, of all the eras it also seems the most FUN.
As a viewer sometimes I wonder WHY the companions stick around with this man, particularly if he's going to be crabby at you (1st Doctor) or condescending and patronising to you (3rd Doctor) but at least Ten made the whole intergalactic adventure into something seemingly to be enjoyed, not feared.

9th Doctor

4th Doctor

5th Doctor

11th Doctor

2nd Doctor

6th Doctor

8th Doctor

3rd Doctor

1st Doctor

And worst of all: 7th Doctor.
The show should've ended before it got to this.
Everything from its insipid theme to its am-dram acting actually does more harm to the franchise than good.
Do. Not. Want.
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