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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

The first episode was ok. The CGI was about what I expected. Pyg and Toad weren't horrible, although Toad's voice could be a bit annoying. I liked the cameos by Stagg and Michael Holt, even though I don't think e'll ever be seeing Stagg's son in law (Metemorpho) or Holt as Mr. Terrific on this show. I'm not sure what to think about Alfred, but its an interesting idea. The voice acting for this show was ok, although I think I'd rank Batman fairly low on the list of animated Batman (he's obviously below Conroy, but I'd put him below Batman The Brave and the Bold's batman and maybe under The Batman as well). He wasn't bad, I just wasn't super impressed after one episode. Overall the episode was good and made me want to watch more. I can see it being a good show, I hope it turns out well.

While I was waiting for the first episode to come on, I watched another episode of The Batman (I've finished 8 episodes of season 4 so far). At this point I think The Batman has won me over as a fan, atleast of the show at this point in its run. If The Batman (A show which had some very bad early seasons and left me with a bad overall impression) can win me over, I'm sure Beware the Batman can. Its definately starting out stronger than that show, and the changes its made, at this point, are interesting instead of annoying like I kind of thought they'd be.
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